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Stop by Askins Creek anytime you’re in Avon, NC for all of your vacation needs. Our facilities feature a well stocked general store, gas & diesel, carwash & vaccums, and boutique.

General Store

General Store

At Askins Creek you will find the essentials groceries, paper products, and some commonly needed toiletries. You will be in and out in no time allowing you to spend more time enjoying what you do on vacation… Hopefully no one will need aspirins, Tylenol, or heartburn medications, but if you do you will find them in our HBC section.

We also sell a wide variety of domestic and imported beers as well as an excellent choice of international and domestic wines. We take care to choose beer and wines that are among the top rated, along with affordable options so there is something for everyone.

Askins Creek Wine Selection
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Boutique & Souvenirs

Askins Creek is a truly unique destination boutique where you can find a large array of clothing, jewelry, local-interest books, gifts and mementos to remember your visit to Hatteras Island. We dedicate great attention to quality, softness, and color in the selection of our shirts and apparel. We like to carry American made products as well as local artists’ merchandise to support out creative friends and neighbors.

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Food & Drinks

Our freshly-brewed Arabica coffee is always available, whether it’s your first cup of the day or you just need an afternoon pick-me-up. Breakfast and lunch is available daily, starting at 6:30 AM. We make warm breakfast sandwiches, burgers, chicken sandwiches and have hot dogs and freshly made Nino’s pizza by the slice. Stop in for a snack or grab some lunch to take out on the beach!

Car Wash

Car, Boat, & Camper Wash

Askins Creek carwash is open 24/7. Along with the manual wash bays, our facility features an automatic touchless system with an undercarriage sprayer. You can pay for your carwash at the pump, in the store, or at the carwash podium.

Our automatic bay offers a variety of wash services for every need:

1. THE WORKS: Undercarriage / Double Soap Pass / Tri-Colored Foam / Double High Pressure Rinse / Clear Coat Wax / Double Spot-Free Rinse

2. SUPER: Undercarriage / Double Soap Pass / High Pressure Rinse / Clear Coat Wax / Spot-Free Rinse

3. DELUXE: Undercarriage / Soap / High Pressure Rinse / Spot-Free Rinse

4. WASH AND GO: Soap / High Pressure Rinse / Spot-Free Rinse

We also offer VACUUMS, and 3 MANUAL WASH BAYS (one can accommodate campers and/or boats).

FREE AIR for vehicle tires is available on site as well!

Askins Creek carwash
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Fishing & Hunting Licenses

Many visitors come to Hatteras Island to enjoy the unique fishing environment we have to offer. Askins Creek has NC fishing licenses available for both residents and visitors. Stop in and see us to get your license!

We also offer hunting licenses for duck, deer, etc.

NC Wildlife Resources Commission
money services

Money Transfer Services

Feeling lucky? Play the NC Lottery here! We offer all of the standard games including Powerball, Mega Millions, as well as a selection of scratch-offs to choose from.

We offer money transfer services through Intermex wiring. You can use this secure and trusted service to send money anywhere in the US and beyond.

NC Lottery logo
Fuel Icon

Gas & Fuel

Askins Creek is locally owned and operated. We have chosen BP fuels because of the high quality and standards and we honor all BP rewards and programs.

We have 6 pump stations of which 2 pumps have a diesel option (5 and 6).

Our pay at the pump option is open 24/7, or you can pay inside during operating hours.

BP logo